PB Swiss Rainbows in SAE

I’ve long admired the PB Swiss rainbow hex wrenches purely from an aesthetic standpoint, but as far as I knew they only came in metric sizes. I don’t do a lot of work in metric (I’m ‘murican), so I never gave them much thought. But last night I found that they are indeed making these in SAE now. This might be old news, but it was news to me!

Anyone have any experience with PB Swiss?

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The Atomic Sign

My good pal, business partner, and long time sign painter (Mr. John Mearns of Sign Source) was in town last weekend for the Lonestar Round Up car show. Despite the unseasonably cloudy and cold weather we had here in Austin, we decided to tackle my building with some brushes and 1 Shot.

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The HEXtension

So I got an email from the guy behind the extension you see above…The “hexed” one, not the typical looking chrome job on the bottom. And while I’ve never used or even touched one, I do like the idea. Surely someone has done this before… And if they haven’t, why the hell not?

In any case, more info here.

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The Craftsman Workbench Project

I have nothing to do with Craftsman at the moment… and I’m not being compensated to feature this video at all. I just found it interesting. And regardless of the overly commercial production, you gotta like the workbench.

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Garage Art

I don’t do this very often, but Steve is a buddy and I really dig his passion for this stuff… Anyway, I’ve long had a love for Wolf’s Head Oil stuff. I have one of the original 3′ by 6′ signs that hung in my grandfather’s shop that I cherish and I’ve always wanted more, but they are next to impossible to find. And when you do find them, they seem to always be priced around $1200. Rich.

That’s where Steve comes in. Through Garage Art, he just released a new line of “patina” signs that feature an aged look. And while it might be valid to turn your nose at man made patina, it starts to make a lot more sense when the value of the real thing gets out of hand for a casual admirer.

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