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Originally Posted by rogsmart View Post
Dude that's fxxxing scary. I've had a few customer's houses that approached that level of chaos but nothing like this. I think you are doing the right thing in putting your intentions out there. Sorta like going to your first AA meeting and saying, "My name is .... and I have a problem."
Document your progress no matter how small it may be. Post yr pics here. It'll help you keep moving in the right direction. Finally, it may be a little shopworn as a saying but it is true. "Every journey begins with a single step."

More power to ya man, keep us posted
Thanks for the support. Yes, the idea is like announcing you are going on a diet. Then you gotta do something or be embarrassed. Well,....I may be a little past embarrassed!
But I know my GJ buddies will help me keep forging along.
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