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Today's report:
Yesterday and today my wife Julie was home sick with stomach flu so work on the Grunge Garage was slow.
I did manage to sort the pile of lumber I had pulled out and stack the good stuff in the back yard. Next was cutting up the junk boards so they would fit in a dumpster. I was wishing I had a Workmate to use. In fact, I have been looking at them on CL for a while. They go from $25-65 depending on the model. So I go in the garage to look things over and lo and behold there is a Workmate 200 we bought 7 years ago at the Restore for $4! This cleanup is turning out to be a good thing! 3rd dumpster is full and ready to set on the curb for pickup tomorrow. Slowly working my way through the garage. If an item can be stored under a tarp it goes out. If it can be disposed of it gets cut up and canned. Not really good here in Detroit for garage sales as no one has much money and you don't want to show what you have. My guideline for the garage is, if I can't see an item in the finished garage layout, out it goes to either a more appropriate place or.....gone.
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