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Default Re: The Harbor Freight PASS/FAIL Thread...

Originally Posted by fatfillup View Post
I paid my first visit to HF to buy Evaporust last week. I bought a lot of tools over the years from cheap to great. Most times "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". I am trying to avoid cheap tools because long term they never make me happy. I would rather buy used American then new junk. Sometimes we are seduced by a low price, but its just like an easy woman, its fun while it lasts, but it don't last long.
Except of course, I've had lots of expensive tools fail, badly, and lots of really, really cheap tools that work forever...

Remember, it was a retailer that coined the 'you get what you pay for' slogan, not a happy customer.

Strangely, paying double or triple or even 10 times what something is worth never improved it.
Except in the eyes of the seller.

Metro was one of the best cars, though hated by people who don't drive them. Delorean was one of the worst cars ever made, loved by people who don't have to drive them...

Harbor Freight sells some god awful junk, some poor quality stuff, and a LOT of good, workman like decent quality stuff for very low prices.

Or why I had to stand in line 20 minutes today to buy a box of cheap nails at HF. Same quality I could have paid twice as much for at Home Depot, where there was NO line. Home Depot today had more employees than customers, but that just meant the employees had someone to talk to rather than help the customers. At HF they were busting tail, being swamped, and helping the freakin customers, rather than standing in clumps talking Spanish like HD.
Pass, HF customer service Fail HD customer service, ditto Fail Lowe’s customer service. Couldn’t get waited on at either big store, got helped and saved money at HF.
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