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Default Re: The Harbor Freight PASS/FAIL Thread...

Originally Posted by The Muffin Man View Post
7 Drawer End Cabinet for Roller Tool Chest... PASS

For the price it can't be beaten. The Power coat finish is excellent, the steel is thicker than any Craftsman/Waterloo side cabinet I've felt and the price is great. Heck even the shipping is fantastic ($11.99 others want 3 or more times that.)

If there is one thing HarborFreight did right, it was definitely their tool chest.

+1 on this. I picked up one of these for my stainless box. I had to modify it to work and in the long run, I didn't like it added onto that box. I again modified it to mount under my work bench. It works great, the drawers are by far better than Craftsman ones. I only wish I had known about the bigger boxes before I bought my SS one.

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