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Default Re: The Harbor Freight PASS/FAIL Thread...

I have used the Pneumatic Die Grinders, Small Pneumatic Cut Off Tooils, Angle Die Grinders ( will try LocTite on that one), Automatic Welding Helmet, 14" Metal Abrasive Chop Saw, Welding Magnets, 1/2" Long Breaker Bar, The Black Handle Square Screwdriver Style Pry Bars, the 6" stainless dial caliper, The $10 two temp heat gen (a painter burnt up the first one; he had no concept of "Duty Cycle"), the 3 gallon twin tank air compressor, the $20 18 guage bradnailers, The 9" 'DIsc / 6" Belt Sander, the 42" tool box set,the 12" disc sander, transfer punches, air hosees, 1" chip brushes, the better $5 hack saw, 1/2" and 3/8" socket sets, hamers, and a few drills. These have been good for me.

Not all thier stuf is equal. I feel their are differences. Sears had Good, Better, Best. Harbor Freight seems to also have three levels CRAP, Fairly Decent, and Pretty Good. The problem is they do not put Crap, Decent and Prettyt Good Lables on their stuff.

I will continue to buy from them, hopefully I will be able to sort the wheat from the Chaff.
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