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Default Noticed something interesting at walmart.

Hello, yesterday I was at walmart and noticed that some a few Ultra Steel (or was it tough?) tools were made in the USA. This is the walmart brand so I found it quite surprising, no global material shenanigans either like stanley. The three items were, a hacksaw,miter saw and box and a speed square. Square looked fine, but the hack saw was not particularly great.

Also, I have been noticing that quite a few plastic products are being manufactured in the USA as well. I was looking for a small pitcher for water and noticed that all of the brands, walmart,sterile, and rubbermade were made in the US. I bought the $.98 one, handle is a little flimsy but for $.98 and made in the usa I don't have much to complain about.

I doubt anyone cares, but the main reason I went is because they are selling $3.87 ozark trail knives that look pretty decent. One I got has tan g10 and a stone wash blade. Safe to say it is the best knife you are gonna find for less than $5. Going to keep it on the molle webbing of my bag,I'll use it as a beater and something to hone my sharpening skills on. I would rather fuck up a $3.87 knife than my delica. I would suggest it to anyone as a back up or a beater, pretty nice for $3.87.
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Default Re: Noticed something interesting at walmart.

Wal-Mart sells a lot of USA made stuff, people that state otherwise typically are jumping on a bandwagon and do not know what they speak of.

Mainstays plastic products are usually USA made, some actually say sterilite on the product.

They also sell some cooking utensils that have a stainless shaft and plastic end that is USA and those are nice, do not flex like the all plastic kind.

My GF likes the plastic re-usable cups with straws, a year or two ago they had some that were USA made and those outlasted the Chinese ones by years, still in use.

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Read a post here the other day about the 2 foot ratchet for a 3/4 drive set being inadequate and one of you cretins suggested the 42 inch Wright ratchet.
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Default Re: Noticed something interesting at walmart.

A lot of plastic products at Walmart are US made, storage, kitchenware, etc.

My girl was just shopping for craft stuff last night and I noticed a lot of that was US made, such as the paint and glitter they sell.

I havent really paid too much attention to tools, because I dont go to Walmart to shop for tools.

Oh, and a good portion of their ammo is US made!!!
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